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China Exchanges Services Company Limited (CESC) is a ground-breaking joint venture of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX), Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE).

Established in Hong Kong in 2012, CESC aims to contribute to the healthy development of China’s capital markets, the establishment of a whole ecosystem of financial products and services for China and the global markets, and the deepening of the three exchanges’ links with global investors.

Our Strategy

CESC is designed to contribute to the development of China’s capital markets and the internationalization of the three exchanges. CESC will develop cross-border indices based on products traded on the three exchanges, industry classifications for listed companies, information standards and related products. CESC will develop new products for investors, such as index-linked derivatives, and connect the rest of the world to the financial markets in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

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Asia Asset Management magazine’s Best of the Best Awards 2013 – Best Newcomer
Metro Finance and Wen Wei Po’s 2013 RMB Outstanding Business Awards – Equity Index
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