Index Licensing
Market participants around the world are welcome to use CESC indices to create index-linked products, including structure products, index funds, ETFs and index futures, provided they have obtained a license from CESC.

Products authorized by CESC

ETF Fund Manager Underlying Index Exchange
ChinaAMC CES China A80 Index ETF China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited CES A80 HKEX
CSOP CES China A80 ETF CSOP Asset Management Limited CES A80 HKEX
E Fund CES China 120 Index ETF E Fund Management (Hong Kong) Co., Limited CES 120 HKEX
 Futures Underlying Index Exchange
CES China 120 Index Futures CES 120 HKEX
CES Gaming Top 10 Index Futures CES G10 HKEX
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