Index Licensing
Market participants around the world are welcome to use CESC indices to create index-linked products, including structure products, index funds, ETFs and index futures, provided they have obtained a license from CESC.

Products authorized by CESC

Benchmark Licensee                                               
CES CRIC Leading Mainland Property Developer Index Hong Kong Fangyou Software Technology Co., Ltd.
 ETF Fund Manager Underlying Index Exchange
HuaAn CES 100 ETF HuaAn Fund Management Co., Ltd. CES SCHK 100 SSE
Guotai CES Semiconductor Chips ETF Guotai Asset Management Co., Ltd. CES China Semiconductor Chips SSE
 AXA SPDB CES 300 ETF  AXA SPDB Investment Managers Co., Ltd.  CES Stock Connect 300  SSE
 LOF Fund Manager Underlying Index Exchange
Dacheng CES 300 LOF Dacheng Fund Management Co., Ltd. CES 300 SZSE
Futures Underlying Index Exchange
CES China 120 Index Futures CES 120 HKEX
Other Index-linked Products Underlying Index  Issuer
ZheShang Forecast High Dividend Yield Enhanced Index Fund CES Forecast High Dividend Yield  ZheShang Fund Management Co., Ltd.
 CCB Principal CES China Private Elite Index Fund (QDII) CES China Private Elite CCB Principal Asset Management Co.,Ltd.
 CLAMC CES 100 Index-linked Insurance Asset Management Product  CES SCHK 100 China Life Insurance Assets Management Co., Ltd.
 HuaAn CES Semiconductor Chips Index Fund CES China Semiconductor Chips HuaAn Fund Management Co., Ltd.
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