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October Overview

Source: SSE, SZSE, HKEX, CESC. Data cut-off date: 31 Oct 2022.
*SouthBound/Northbound ETF ADT: ADT under Stock Connect.

Top 10 Northbound ETFs of October

TOP 10 ETFs by AUM
Rank Code Name AUM
(RMB mil)
1 510050  CHINAAMC SSE 50 ETF 56,780.77
2 510300  HUATAI-PB CSI 300 ETF 51,281.64
3 510500  CHINA SOUTHERN CSI 500 ETF 42,305.26
4 512880  GUOTAI CSI ALL SHARE INDEX ETF 28,516.23
5 512000  HWABAO WP BROKER ETF 21,615.52
6 510330  CHINAAMC CSI 300 ETF 19,206.50
7 159995  CHIPS ETF 18,501.48
8 159915  CHINEXT ETF 17,841.72
9 159919  CSI300ETF 17,400.83
10 510180  HUAAN SSE 180 INDEX ETF 17,275.41


  • ChinaAMC: 当前上证50指数估值回落至上市以来10%分位以下,安全边际较高;国内稳增长政策持续,流动性相对宽松,部分投资者看好中国资本市场长期发展,选择低位布局。上证50作为表征A股龙头的重要指数,有望持续吸引资金流入。(2022-10-27)
  • Huatai-PineBridge: As of October 31, the P/E (TTM) of the CSI 300 Index is 10.29x, and in the 97th percentile when it comes to valuation versus 5-year historical data. The CSI 300 Index with a high safety margin is therefore the preferred target for value investing. China's CPI rose to 2.8% y/y in September, which was higher than China 10-year government bond yield of 2.7%. The advantageous cost-efficiency of equity will take the CSI 300 Index on its value return journey. (2022-11-03)
  • HuaAn Funds: On the backdrop of more flexible epidemic control policy and continuing released favorable real estate polices, analysts believe that A-share market is expected to usher in a volatile upward trend. Besides, market consensus is that Fed will slow down their monetary tightening, which is also a good news for China A-share market. We recommend investors to focus on low-valued blue-chip sectors and high-growth and reasonably valued sectors in the near term.(2022-11-17)


TOP10 ETFs by Monthly Return
Rank Code Name Return
1 159998  TH COMPUTER ETF 13.94%
7 159992  BRAND NAME DRUG ETF 6.58%
8 159938  HEALTH CARE ETF 6.28%
9 159819  AI INTELLIGENCE 5.90%
10 159837  BIOTECHNOLOGY 5.62%


  • Tianhong Fund: As the improvement of covid-19 in the third quarter, the delivery of the computer industry has gradually returned to normal level, and orders in the second quarter have been postponed to the third quarter for confirmation, which means that the industry will usher in a single quarter improvement peak. In the medium and long term, the current pace of the implementation of ICT is "2+8+N", ushering in a peak period of development. Among them, the financial industry is the fastest, the automobile, logistics, tobacco and other N industries are expected to start domestic substitution in 2023. (2022-10-31)
  • GF Fund:随着军工板块三季报逐步落地,四季度或有一定的估值切换投资机会。中长期看,装备采购“十四五”规划中期,招投标有望密集落地,叠加产能瓶颈破除,行业景气度或将持续提升,未来三至五年行业或继续较快增长。(2022-10-27)
  • Guotai Fund: Biomedical industry is one of the most promising areas of pharmaceutical industry,which will continuously benefit from population aging and consumption upgrading. With the marginal improvement of the centralized purchase policy, the overall valuation of pharmaceutical industry is outstanding, and the performance and valuation are expected to have continuous repair. (2022-11-01)
  • Yinhua Fund: As a high-tech industry, pharmaceutical industry has a high growth potential. Brand-name drugs are a product-based industry with large investment and high return. With the accelerated upgrading of demand and the boost in technological innovation, brand-name drugs are riding on the great momentum to start a new journey of high-quality development, and the future of innovative drug is limitless. (2022-11-07)


TOP 10 ETFs by Monthly Net-Buy
Rank Code Name Net Buy**
(RMB mil)
1 510300  HUATAI-PB CSI 300 ETF 4,111.78
2 510050  CHINAAMC SSE 50 ETF 2,994.95
3 510500  CHINA SOUTHERN CSI 500 ETF 2,846.11
4 159915  CHINEXT ETF 2,581.88
5 512010  E FUND CSI 300 HEALTH CARE ETF 1,481.85
10 510310  E FUND CSI 300 ETF 678.32


  • China Southern AM: A share is consolidating and in its process of bottoming out, as the FED spread of CSI500 is reaching historical extreme level, which indicates an attractive valuation. Despite the FED tightening causing the Northbound capital outflow, we see limited impact on mid-small cap from here. With favorite policies coming out, we think the new growth economy, like CSI 500, representing Chinese modernization will regain its triumph. (2022-11-04)
  • Penghua Fund: CSI Alcoholic Drink Index covers companies in the liquor, also known as Chinese Baijiu, beer and wine brewing business, reflecting the overall market performance of such companies in China.   (2022-11-03)
  • Huatai-PineBridge:Affected by the global inflation pressure, the rising expectation of interest rate has hiked in the US, and particularly under the geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the risk preference of the market has declined sharply, the high dividend sector has performed better. Since this year, the annual return of SSE Dividend Total Return Index is still positive, outperforming the SSE Composite Index and Shenzhen Component Index by 16.43% and 25.50% respectively, showing outstanding defensive characteristics. Meanwhile, under the background of rising equity risk premium and declining bank financial management yield, the cost performance of high dividend strategy is prominent, and investors are more inclined to allocate funds to high dividend and low-risk targets. At present, the dividend yield of the SSE Dividend Total Return Index is 7.27%, a new high in nearly a decade. (2022-11-04)


TOP 10 ETFs by Monthly ADT
Rank Code Name ADT***
(RMB mil)
1 510050  CHINAAMC SSE 50 ETF 2,254.73
2 510300  HUATAI-PB CSI 300 ETF 2,071.14
3 159915  CHINEXT ETF 1,314.35
4 510500  CHINA SOUTHERN CSI 500 ETF 1,304.36
5 512010  E FUND CSI 300 HEALTH CARE ETF 788.65
7 159949  CHINEXT 50 ETF 758.39
10 159922  CSI500ETF 663.29


  • HuaAn Funds: Recently, the Chinese A share market has performed strongly. In terms of policy, the report of the 20th National Congress emphasizes the importance of high-quality development, which has a positive effect on boosting market confidence. After the recent adjustment of the A-share market, some indicators have shown the market has probably reached the bottom. At present, we recommend sectors with low valuations and policy support, such as new energy, biomedicine, and technology manufacturing. (2022-11-07)
  • Huatai-PineBridge:With the decrease in silicon chip price, the market is increasingly expecting the recent decline of silicon material price, and the end of the year might be the critical point of the upstream supply-demand relationship. From the perspective of demand, projects of domestic ground power plants are flourishing in the fourth quarter, which supports the high price of photovoltaic modules, and causes a particular scarcity of some subsidiary materials. Besides, overseas demand maintains high prosperity. (2022-11-15)


Southbound Eligible ETFs Overview

Code Name Tracking Index AUM
(HKD mil)
1M Return Net Buy**
(HKD mil, 1M)
(HKD mil, 1M)
2800  TRACKER FUND OF HONG KONG  Hang Seng Index 99,987.37 -14.17% 14,433.70 4,467.61
2828  HANG SENG CHINA ENTERPRISES INDEX ETF  Hang Seng China Enterprises Index 22,210.82 -16.64% 3,742.82 3,728.06
3033  CSOP HANG SENG TECH INDEX ETF   Hang Seng TECH Index 14,815.60 -17.35% 1,851.73 1,718.28
3067  ISHARES HANG SENG TECH ETF  Hang Seng TECH Index 8,425.94 -17.08% 269.72 175.83
Source: SSE, SZSE, HKEX, CESC. Data cut-off date: 31 Oct 2022.
**Net-Buy(estimated)= Σ(Fund units Increment × Daily Turnover / Daily Volume)
***ADT: ADT in home market 

More Info of ETFs' Issuers

GF Fund Management Co., Ltd. established on August 5, 2003. As of Dec 31th, 2021, the company's assets under management reached over a trillion, with 295 open-end funds under management.
For more information please visit:;
Guotai Fund is one of the first fund management company established in China. As of July 22, 2022, there were 41 non-currency ETFs in Guotai Fund, with a total scale of 98.478 billion yuan.
For more information, please refer to;
Tianhong Asset Management was established in 2004. As of June 30, 2022, 160 public funds had been managed,which the scale of public fund management is up to 1196.90 billion yuan.
For more information, please refer to the company's official website:;
Huaan Funds Management Company was founded in 1998. At the end of 2021, the total AUM of Huaan is nearly 600 Billion CNY.
For more information, please visit:;
Harvest Fund was established in March, 1999. As of June 2022, the company has managed 275 public funds with a total scale of 781.623 billion. A total of 32 ETFs were managed, with a total scale of 36.258 billion.
Please check the official website for more information:;
China Southern Asset Management Co., Ltd. was founded on March 6. As of June 30 2022, SAM managed 296 mutual funds worth RMB 1050.2 billion.
For more information ,please visit;
China Universal Asset Management Co., Ltd. ("CUAM") was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Shanghai. As of the end of the second quarter of 2022, CUAM has managed 252 mutual funds in China.
For more information, please visit CUAM official website;
China Asset Management Company (ChinaAMC) was founded in 1998. By the end of 2021 it managed 58 ETF with a combined asset under management of RMB 245.7 billion.
For more information you can visit:;
Fullgoal Fund Management Co Ltd was founded in 1999. As of 30 June, 2022, Fullgoal Fund has a total mutual fund AUM CNY 647 billion (excluding MMF and short-term wealth management bond funds).
For more information, please visit the company's website:;
Huatai-PineBridge Fund Management Co., Ltd (“Huatai-PineBridge” or “HTPB”) was Established in 2004. HTPB’s ETFs have combined assets under management of over US $16 billion (as of 31 Dec 2021).
For more Information, please visit;
Penghua Fund was established in 1998, As of June 30, 2022, the company has managed 267 public funds with a total scale of 929.2 billion. A total of 22 ETFs were managed, with a total scale of 24.2 billion.
For more information please visit;
Yinhua Fund was established in May 2001. By the end of September 2022, the company has managed 180 public offering of funds with a total asset management scale of over RMB 980 billion, including 31 equity ETFs with a total scale of RMB 16.65 billion.
For more information, please check the company's official website:;
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