Index Performance Review

(31 Mar - 7 Apr 2017)
UBS published a bullish view on Macau gaming sector. UBS raised their estimated Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) growth rate in 2017, from 9% to 11%. CES Gaming Top 10 Index (CES G10) surged 4.9%.
China government plans to establish XiongAn New Area in Hebei province into a special economic zone, along the lines of Shenzhen and Shanghai Pudong. CES China 300 Index (CES 300) increased by 1.4% for the week. Index constituents related to “XiongAn concept”, such as Hesteel (河钢股份), Risesun Real Estate (荣盛发展) & China Fortune Land (华夏幸福), have price rallies more than 30% during the week.
Wastewater treatment and environmental stocks announced Fiscal Year Ending 2016 result with a high growth rate, given that the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) orders increased. CES China 280 Index (CES 280), having a relatively high exposure for wastewater sector jump, up 2.1%.
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