Index Performance Review

(23 - 30 Jun 2017)
CES Stock Connect HK Select 100 (CES SCHK100), which reflects the overall performance of stock connect HK market, was up 0.9% while Hang Sheng Index (HSI) rose 0.4% this week.
For A share market, the market continued reacted positively to the inclusion as part of the MSCI Emerging Index Series. A-share large-cap benchmark CES China A80 Index (CES A80) raised 1.0%.
In the market, Credit Suisse expected Gaming Gross Revenue (GGR) of Macau Gaming Industry to be 750-770 million/day (MOP) and the growth of 3Q17 GGR to be approximately around 25 – 29% yearly, which is higher than the market expectation of 15 – 20%. The market reacted positively to the expected result. Hong Kong & Overseas Gaming Industry benchmark CES G10 raised 1.1%.
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