Index Performance Review

(2 - 9 Feb 2018)
Global market crashed last week, triggered by risk-off in US market. 10 Year Treasury yield rose to 2.85%. On 6-Feb, CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) intraday breakthrough 50 at intraday record. CES CPE, aiming to capture HK or US listed private enterprise, plunged 8.9%.  
Southbound Stock Connect still maintained positive net capital inflow even market sell-off. For the week, there are HKD14.9B net buy trades using Stock Connect channel to buy HK stocks. CES SCHK100 & CES SCHK50, both index portfolio using SC universe, declined 8.8% and 9.8% respectively, which is less suffered comparing with CES HKMI, dropped 11.6%.  
Deutsche Bank mentioned that,14 out of 20 hotels surveyed recently by the research house were fully booked during Chinese New Year holidays. DB believes valuation of gaming stocks are “enticing”. CES G10 declined 7.0%, which dropped in a less extend than other monitoring indices.   
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