Index Performance Review

(10 - 17 Nov 2017)
Large cap and Mid-small cap stocks performed diversely last week, cross border large cap benchmark CES China 120 Index (CES 120) increased 1%. In the contrary, CES China 280 Index (CES 280) which measures the performance of cross border mid cap stocks, dropped 2%.
NetEase (NTES) announced its 2017 Q3 financial results, net revenue recorded RMB 12.5 billion, which rose 35.5% YoY. The stock price of NetEase, VIP Shop (VIPS) and Weibo (WB), constituents of the CES China Private Elite Index (CES CPE), surged 21.3%, 19.1% & 10.1% respectively, causing CES CPE to upraise 2.4% during the week.
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