Index Performance Review

(17 - 24 Nov 2017)
On Tuesday (21-Nov-2017), Southbound Stock Connect Daily Turnover was RMB 21.6 billion, the highest since 9 April 2015. CES SCHK100, a unique Stock Connect-related index that tracks the Hong Kong stocks available for the Southbound Trading, up 1.4%.
Closing Index point of CES HKMI, a benchmark capturing the growth of China stocks & tracking the performance of China Concept Stocks listed on HKEX, reached historical high at 8399.35 on Wednesday (22-Nov-2017). Overall CESHKMI rose 2.2% for the whole week.     
Credit Suisse maintained bullish view on Macau gaming sector. They expect Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) in November achieved 20-22% growth. While the valuation of gaming sector is fair, the strong GGR momentum, bullish market sentiment and street’s low expectations would support the share price. CES G10 jumped 3.4%.  
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