Index Performance Review

(14 - 21 Jul 2017)
Last week, Tencent, which is the largest constituent in CES China HK Mainland Index (CES HKMI), surged 4.0%,. Large-cap Hong Kong listed Mainland enterprise benchmark, CES HKMI, raised 1.7%.
The investors continued to react positively to Hong Kong Market. Cross Border benchmark CES 120, CES 280 and CES 300, climbed in a range of 0.9% to 1.3% accordingly.
In Daiwa Securities’ report, recently lots of negative news appeared and impacted the gaming industry, especially with the increase tension toward anti-money laundering action in China mainland and Macau. CES Gaming Top 10 Index (CES G10), serving as a benchmark of the gaming industry, dropped 1.5%.
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