Index Performance Review

(28 Jul - 4 Aug 2017)
The average daily turnover (ADT) of HKEX listed securities continued climbing to HKD 92 billion in the first week of August. In July, the ADT recorded as HKD 85.3 billion, which was significantly higher than the first 7 months average of HKD 77.4 billion, became the highest month in 2017.
HK stocks outperformed A shares last week. Hong Kong listed China large-cap index CES HK Mainland Index (CES HKMI) increased 1.8% while A-share large-cap benchmark CES China A80 Index (CES A80) edged down 0.6%.  
Another Hong Kong large-cap benchmark, the CES Stock Connect HK Select 100 (CES SCHK100) rose 1.5% last week, with a YTD return of 29%, implying fund inflow to HK stocks.
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